In the summer of 1995, after many months of anticipation in the local Korean community due in part to the numerous postponement dates, Vancouver's first Traditional Specialty Korean Restaurant opened its doors to its soon to be loyal fan base. Located at 1305 Kingway, with a menu consisting solely of Beef Broth boiled for over 24 hours in large cast iron pots to produce numerous Korean soups as well as a selection of Korean style dumplings, Jang Mo Jib Korean Restaurant burst into the local Korean Restaurant scene with overwhelming acceptance. Serving what would seem a very limited selection in terms of Korean restaurant offerings at the time, Jang Mo Jib was able to use their limited selection to their advantage as not only a marketing stratagem but the exclusive menu options also enabled an unrivaled level of attention to the high quality of their products.
Another of Jang Mo Jib's strengths was its Kimchee, a Korean staple consisting of Napa Cabbage pickled in a spicy marinade studied and shown to contain healthy probiotics which aid in the fortification of one's digestive system. So popular was the Kimchee that it was made available to customers as a retail product to take and serve in their own households.
In keeping to their initial strategy, the Moon family as avid diners decided to open another Specialty Korean Restaurant Hal Mae Jib which primarily served personal sized soft tofu hotpot stews as well as a selection of popular Korean dishes such as Haemool Pajun (Korean Seafood Pancake) and Jap Chae (Sweet Potato Noodle pan fried with marinated beef and vegetables).
Jang Mo Jib and Hal Mae Jib were eventually combined under Jang Mo Jib and the business maintained its emphasis on food quality in order to serve healthy and hearty food for consumption. Jang Mo Jib with the support of its local patrons as well as significant non-local patronage has been able to continue to expand its service to people wishing to eat Authentic Korean Food. From first opening on Kingsway, additional Jang Mo Jib locations such as Robson Downtown, Alexandra Rd Richmond, Kingsway Metrotown and finally Barnet Hwy Coquitlam has helped Jang Mo Jib expand its area to reach potential clients as well as improve accessibility to its existing clients.
We at Jang Mo Jib wish to continue to make available satisfying authentic Korean food to our growing clientele base in a manner we can be proud to share, reflecting our goal to strive towards becoming the first consistent and dependable Korean Franchise Restaurant Chain in not only Western Canada but quite possibly Canada in its entirety. Etymology

Traditionally in the Korean culture, visiting one's mother in-law's home was an occasion to look forward to. It was a time where the husband could look forward to be spoiled and fed extremely well. So well, that one would typically have difficulty finishing their meal due to the volume and variety of food prepared. This is the feeling we at Jang Mo Jib wish for our patrons to experience, which is why our selections have always been quite large in volume. In turn, we wish to pursue the second aspect of the experience of visiting one's Mother In-Law's Home in Korea by focusing more emphasis on increasing the variety our appreciated customers may have available when dining at our Restaurants.

"Robson Downtown"
Previously a Japanese restaurant called Noodle-Robo, sister business to the neighboring Sushi-Robo business, Jang Mo Jib took over the existing business to set up its third restaurant location in Vancouver in an area known to many as "Lower Robson" Downtown. At the time one would have described the area as less than desirable with more than its fair share of panhandlers and unfavorable.
Fortunately, Jang Mo Jib had intended to target the existing Korean student population attending language schools Downtown with many of those students residing in the area where housing was more affordable and within walking distance of such language schools. So popular was Jang Mo Jib for opening downtown that average wait times for a table would very often surpass an hour and a half and at times reach up two hours.
In response to the patronage gracing our restaurant, we at Jang Mo Jib decided to acquire the neighboring property in order to accommodate our customers and improve upon the embarrassing table wait times. This helped greatly and in addition, the combined restaurant premises offered 3 unique dining areas. The main hall which had been the original restaurant premises accommodates the bulk of the restaurants business whereas the second dining area in the back, providing greater privacy, could be booked for private functions such as staff dinners. Finally the last area to be absorbed into the restaurants use was the area adjacent to the main dining area in the front which offers seating of up to 14 which easily accommodates larger parties. Jang Mo Jib Downtown has been operating for over a decade servicing and satisfying those wishing to dine out for Authentic Korean Cuisine. During that time Jang Mo Jib was the first to pioneer true Late Night Eats providing hearty and healthy food when food selections in Vancouver were limited to mostly unhealthy or fast food.
As such, Jang Mo Jib has become a renowned restaurant location Downtown to many of Vancouver's regular and late night diners and will continue to provide its services well into the future.

"Jang Mo Jib Richmond"
Jang Mo Jib Richmond opened in the late summer of 2005 in answer to the majority its patrons being of Chinese decent. Selecting a location on Alexandra Rd, an avenue known for its concentration of restaurants, Jang Mo Jib relocated its Kingsway location at the Biltmore Hotel and tenanted the largest property it had operated out of since it first opened its door on Kingsway in 1995. Previously a property housing not only a Japanese restaurant but also a lounge of significant size, Jang Mo Jib absorbed the entire property operating the previous restaurant site as its main serving area and the lounge property to accommodate the overflow and larger parties trusting us with the responsibilities as their host.
The second space, which is made available for booking private events of up to 180 people, has been outfitted with a 10' projection screen, elevated projector, 4 large LCD screens to provide views from all angles, karaoke system, a commercial grade surround sound system as well as bluray players and connections for all types of media. In addition to providing all of the menu items Jang Mo Jib is so well known for, Jang Mo Jib Richmond also has an exclusive parking lot on its property providing ample parking for its patrons which is a significant bonus for the area.

"Jang Mo Jib Metrotown"
In relocating the Kingsway location at the Biltmore Hotel, the property Jang Mo Jib had relocated to from its 1035 Kingsway location in search of larger facilities, Jang Mo Jib had planned to open a location further east on the same thoroughfare in order to accommodate its patrons residing in Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam and Surrey. The property previously a Night and Day Diner, sits on the north side of Kingsway just 1 block east of Metrotown at Kingsway and Marlboro. Providing parking on site as well as ample booth seating and larger tables for parties of 6-10, Jang Mo Jib Metrotown retains a casual and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy Jang Mo Jib's Authentic Korean menu offerings.
Serving a variety of local beers in bottles with Canadian and Heineken on draught, and a selection of Korean spirits, Jang Mo Jib Metrotown has become a spot for patrons to visit with friends and catch up late night over food and drinks.

"Jang Mo Jib Coquitlam"
The newest of our restaurant locations, Jang Mo Jib Coquitlam opened its doors in the early summer of 2010. A standalone building located next to McDonalds on Barnet Hwy, the new locations retains a unique atmosphere compared to other Jang Mo Jib Korean Restaurant locations. Only minutes away from Coquitlam Centre, Jang Mo Jib Coquitlam provides breakfast, lunch and dinner service rarely provided by Korean restaurants.
With a full service bar and private booth seating on its mezzanine, Jang Mo Jib Coquitlam aims to accommodate its loyal customers as well as new patrons from Coquitlam, Port Moody, North Burnaby and Surrey wishing to experience authentic Korean cuisine.